People Need People for Reducing Stress

As we know that humans are social beings. We enjoy other people’s company and maintaining a sense of connectedness to others, is an important component of stress reduction. Joining a club or group, chatting online, calling a friend on the phone, or hanging out with family are some examples. These activities decrease a sense of loneliness while promoting feelings of safety, security, belonging and enjoyment.

Social support seems to affect our balance of hormones. Adequate amounts of social support are associated with increases in levels of a hormone called oxytocin, which functions to decrease anxiety levels and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system calming down responses. Oxytocin also stimulates our desire to seek out social contact and increases our sense of attachment to people who are important to us. Stressed people who have adequate levels of social support receive an oxytocin boost which helps them feel less anxious, more confident in their ability to cope, and more drawn to other people (thus perpetuating the positive cycle of social support).

Another advantage of being involved in the people is when spending time with others it directs our energy outward (rather than inward). If you are focused on reaching out to other people, you are temporarily distracted from your own circumstances, pain, or stress levels. People who reach out to others can rely on those individuals for help and emotional assistance in the future. Socially connected people feel wanted, included, and cared for. These individuals can talk through problems and share feelings with others (which can decrease stress feelings). Time spent socializing can strengthen your sense that life has meaning and purpose and increase your mood; all factors that can help protect you against the negative effects of stress.

This can be one of the reasons that people who live alone or have introvert personality are more likely to become the victims of stress. Like an introvert person has low socialization and the people of this personality do not openly share there thoughts, ideas or feeling with people. When people of introvert personality face any stressful condition then it is hard for them to cop up from it. The internal energy (stress) that is created in them by the stressful condition need to be washed out but people of this personality try to absorb this energy which leads them to severe stress. Stress can pre­vent people of introvert personality from adapt­ing to, and suc­ceed­ing in, new cir­cum­stances. It can also lead to var­i­ous car­diac and immune prob­lems. Although stress is an unavoid­able con­se­quence of mod­ern life, when work stress becomes too much, it can lead to burnout and pro­longed expo­sure to high lev­els of stress can dam­age the brain.

In many stressful conditions in our daily life like the loss of our job or preparing for exams can create alot of stress in our mind. But by the help of our friends we can cop up from this condition. Those words which are used by them for consolation work as magical words for a stressful person and those activities which friends do aims to divert the attention of the stressful person to think about the stressful situation. So love and care by the people can normal the stressful person.


About M. Asim Shehzad

I m Psychologist and interested in serving humanity as a helping individual on the basis of "Love for all & hatred for none."

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  1. stress cant be your friend as it decline our intellectual abilities and problem solving skills….

  2. shafiq ur Rehman

    very well and informative writing….!!!

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