Avoiding Doctors

doctor-stethoscope-fakeBeing a doctor is a noble profession. Doctors work day and night to provide you the best service they could; but still why are many people scared to go see a doctor when they feel a little bit ill? The answer is very simple: Fear of the unknown. Here are 6 reasons why patients avoid visiting their doctors:

Starting from number 6:

6. Not letting the patient explain:
One of the very common things we observe in many doctors is that they don’t let the patient explain. Of course doctors may find no more need to listen, they can diagnose a case after getting answers to a few important questions, symptoms, and signs, but it is still important to let the patient speak and explain the problem -in any way he wants to. Not letting the patient speak enough makes him think that the doctor isn’t interested in his case, thus shaking the trust between patient and doctor.

5. Not clearly explaining the procedure:
Telling a patient that he needs an RCT procedure, and that he may have to come tomorrow at 10am, may seem fine because a doctor knows what RCT is, but a patient still has no idea about what is going to be done. This is another point where many patients don’t feel comfortable – i-e not explaining the procedure of the treatment. It is always better to ask your doctor for clarification if you don’t understand specific terms but if you’re a doctor reading this, clarify everything to your patient. For example if it is RCT then talk a little about it like it involves removal of tooth pulp – blood tissue, nerve tissue which is a set of procedures, we start with tooth opening, the immense pain you’re feeling in your tooth will be gone. It is done in visits, it involves root debridement of your tooth as well, after treatment it’s better to go for tooth crowning etc talking to your patient will help them relax and develop trust.

4. Being vague with the cost of the procedure:
A patient is very concerned about the cost of every procedure he is going to have. Many doctors tell the cost after the procedure has been done. What if the patient could not afford it or what if patient never wanted it? This is what always scares a patient away. Always remember to ask your doctor for procedure cost and payment method BEFORE you agree to start your treatment.

3. Patient Expectations:
A very big mistake which patients make is that they expect too much out of their doctor’s treatment. Many patients expect as if they will grow diamonds in their mouth after a 20 minute procedure. Making high expectations and then not receiving results according to that is one of the very important reasons why patients are scared. Always be realistic. Nothing can replace your natural set of teeth; nothing artificial can exactly be like the original. Always remember that!

2. Un-necessary treatments/investigations:
Unnecessary investigatory tests and treatments is one of the main things which scare patients away. If a patient only needs a clotting time test and the doctor suggests a urine test, ESR, blood tests, and other tests too, it will annoy the patient. The best way to avoid it is to discuss things with your doctor and ask him to tell you why these investigations are important. Tell him that what if you only go with one or two investigations. This will not only solve your problem but will also help you gain trust in your doctor.

1. Money!
The top most reason why patients are scared from doctors is money. A patient fears all the expensive treatments. Of course who wants to spend a fortune in just a few hours?! The best doctor provides the best treatment option to a patient which is comfortable for the patient, cures him, meets his expectations as close as possible, and is within the patients’ budget. So discuss the cost and payments with your doctor, tell him your budget. There is nothing to feel shy about it. Ask him/her to tell you about other options too. Doctors are life saviors they will do their best to make it as easy for you as possible.


About M. Asim Shehzad

I m Psychologist and interested in serving humanity as a helping individual on the basis of "Love for all & hatred for none."

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